Order of adjectives


What do you think about something? How big or small is it? How old or young someone or something is? What is the shape? What colour is it? Where is it from? What is it made of? What is it used for?
e.g.: pretty, ugly, silly, smart, easy, fun… e.g.: small, tiny, large, enormous, big… e.g.: old, young, adolescent, new, ancient… e.g.: square, triangular, irregular, flat, round… e.g.: red, blue, magenta, pinkish… e.g.: British, Chinese, French, Brazilian, western, lunar… e.g.: silver, gold, copper, wood, plastic, cotton… e.g.: racing (car), football (field)

frying (pan)


Exercise 01. Put the adjectives in the correct order

  1. I wanted to buy a_______________________ (round/blue/Italian/dining/big)
  2. Does Miriam need that _________________ chair? (wooden-small-square)
  3. What is this _____________________ thing? (red/triangular/leather)
  4. Did you notice the brand of that ______________

_________________________ car? (green/ streamlined/splendid/sport)

  1. William can take care of your _______________ _________ (Persian/naughty/white)
  2. This ________________________ scarf belongs to my brother. (woolen/long/multicolored)
  3. Are you sure this ___________________ sabre is Turkish? (curved/nice/steel)
  4. Press this ____________________ button never! (plastic/red/round)
  5. Mike will order a_________________ (English/light/nice)
  6. This ____________________________ wardrobe is my friends’ gift. (elegantly-shaped /amazing/brown/wooden)


II. Put the adjectives in the correct order before the noun.

  1. a (an) metal / old  / rectangular / gray / table.


  1. a (an) enormous / Roman / amazing / monument.


  1. a (an) round / yellow / plastic / plate.


  1. a (an) cotton / pretty / red / modern / dress.


  1. a (an) Greek / marble / ancient / big / statue.


  1. a (an) ugly / black / square / frame.